How do I set up my custom domain?

To start using a custom domain with your Fullscreen Direct account, you first need to point your custom domain to Fullscreen Direct’s servers.

Log in to your domain registrar’s website, where you purchased your domain name. You will want to manage your domain’s DNS records.

If you are planning to use a subdomain (i.e. or, set a CNAME record to point to

If you are not using a subdomain, set your domain’s A Record to point to

It may take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours for this new domain configuration to take effect.

After you’ve pointed your custom domain name, go back to your account's Account Settings modal. Go into the Hosted Site section and turn on the option to “Use a custom domain.” Type in your custom domain and click “Save.”

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about DNS and custom domains.