What companies does Fullscreen Direct currently work with?

Name Description Location
Artist Endeavor Specializing in direct-to-fan fulfillment, Artist Endeavor coordinates merchandise arriving to them, handles the picking and packing of orders, and provides customer service in the event that any problem arises. Detroit, MI
Belltower Books Belltower Books has an East Coast-based warehouse and is capable of handling customer service and shipping worldwide. Sharon Hill, PA
Green Distribution Green has everything under one roof: customer service, art, screens, printing, finishing, storage, pick/pack and distribution. Having one point of contact through the whole process leads to cost efficiencies that are passed on to the customer. Secaucus, NJ
Gordonsville, VA
MCN Through their company MerchMo and the use of ShipStation, MCN provides fulfillment with full customer support and a personal account manager. They also have a centrally-located US warehouse in "Zone 8." Nashville, TN
RLP (MODLIFE) A West Coast fulfiller capabale of handling shipments worldwide. Carlsbad, CA
Townsend Townsend Music offers physical distribution via Universal and is able to fulfill items worldwide. United Kingdom
Amplifier Amplifier delivers order fulfillment, bulk and on-demand merchandise production, and private-label customer service through a powerful self-service platform. Austin, TX