Does Fullscreen Direct provide fulfillment?

Fullscreen Direct does not store or ship physical products, but we do have solutions in place so you can. By working with various companies and integrating with various technologies, we are flexible when it comes to how your products are fulfilled and how shipping prices are determined.

In general, Fullscreen Direct is a weight-based shipping provider.

If you already have your own fulfiller, we're happy to work with them to integrate with Fullscreen Direct. Contact us if you have a fulfiller you'd like us to partner with.

Calculating Shipping Prices


Fullscreen Direct is fully integrated with the USPS Shipping Rate API.


Fullscreen Direct is fully integrated with the UPS Shipping Rate API.


Fullscreen Direct is fully integrated with the FedEx Shipping Rate API.

Do note that the accuracy of shipping prices for the above APIs depends on the accuracy of weights entered for products. If your weights are not accurate, the calculated shipping costs will be incorrect. Due to the complexities of fulfillment, Fullscreen Direct does not gurantee shipping prices from these APIs will be 100% accurate.

Fulfillment Software

Simply go to the Shipping section of your store in our backend and add a new Fulfiller to integrate Fullscreen Direct with either of the software options below.


ShipStation is a web-based software designed to help eCommerce retailers process, fulfill, and ship their orders. Fullscreen Direct has a full custom store integration setup with ShipStation that will allow you to import your orders with ease. Marking orders as shipped within ShipStation also automatically updates the order within Fullscreen Direct. Read more about Fullscreen Direct and ShipStation here.


ShipWorks is eCommerce shipping software designed to download orders from your online store so that you can create shipping labels (with any shipping carrier), customer invoices, pick lists, monthly reports, and more. Fullscreen Direct is integrated with ShipWorks such that anybody using Fullscreen Direct can use ShipWorks to manage the fulfillment side of their store with ease.


Endicia’s online postage and shipping solutions allow you to print shipping and customs labels directly from the Fullscreen Direct backend. Simply enter your Endicia account details and you will be able to add postage to your account and print labels directly from our website.