What is Fullscreen Direct

Fullscreen Direct is a place for you and your fans.

Our extensive, self-serve platform provides all the tools and services to help you understand and engage your audience, and own your relationships so you can directly market and sell more effectively.

Fullscreen Direct is the best way to create, promote and sell anything.

Who is Fullscreen Direct for?

Fullscreen Direct is for creatives, brands and their fans.

Our goal is to help you build your personal brand and find value in it and your content.

I still need help. Who can I talk to?

For more help please contact us through our Contact form.

Key Features


  • Digital, physical, audio, experiences & bundles
  • Orders, shipments & inventory management
  • Fulfillment integrations
  • Global shopping cart
  • Credit card payment system
  • Extensive reports and dashboards
  • SoundScan reporting
  • Coupons and pre-orders
  • Gift Cards


  • Built-in email marketing
  • Web & mobile direct messaging
  • User targeting capabilities
  • Scheduled delivery


  • Build your own apps using our API


  • Ability to manage multiple accounts from a single login
  • Multiple admins can manage a single account
  • Parent + Child account relationships
  • Dashboards displaying actionable data combined from multiple sources


  • Own your relationships
  • Fan management
  • Free and paid memberships
  • Fan demographic, location, activity & purchase data
  • Data on micro & macro levels
  • Discounts, promo codes & contests
  • Fans can create & add content

Fan Generated Content

  • Status, blog, photo, audio & video updates
  • Optional moderation queue
  • Flagging system
  • Liking & threaded comments

Content Management

  • Blog posts & statuses
  • Scheduled posting
  • Events
  • Photo, video & audio uploads
  • Comment moderation

Custom Websites

  • Fully customizable themes
  • Hosting & content delivery
  • Support for custom domains


Our vision is to help brands organize & contextualize actionable data.

By combining everything a brand does online into a single, vertically integrated platform, we are uniquely positioned to collect data sets across every point within & flowing through our network. This helps us uncover relationships and give context to the data, then give brands the tools to act on that data.

What is an account?

Accounts allow you to take full advantage of all that Fullscreen Direct has to offer. If you want to create, promote, or sell anything, communicate directly with your audience, create a hosted, custom branded site, integrate your own custom mobile app, or setup a fan club you need an account.

What is a user?

When you first sign up for Fullscreen Direct, you create a unique user profile. Your user profile is tied to your personal email address and represents your individual identity throughout the Fullscreen Direct network.

Users can manage accounts, join and post in fan clubs, and comment on and like content.

Can I switch between different accounts as a user?

Users can be admins on an unlimited number of accounts.

You can switch between multiple accounts without having to log out and log back in. The image and name of the account you are currently working in will show up in the left hand corner of your screen. Click the "Switch Accounts" arrow next to the name of your current account to select the name of the account you want to switch to.

How do I add admins to an account?

To invite new admins to an account, go to the "Account Admins" tab in your Account Settings. There are four user roles you can assign to your account admins.

Owners have access to the entire account, including its settings and theme. These admins can add, edit, and delete content and other users.

Editors have access to the entire account's content. They can add, edit, and delete content.

Authors have access to some of the account's content. They can add content, edit drafts, and submit content for review.

Read Only users only have access to account statistics.

What are Parent + Child relationships, and how do I set them up?

Parent + Child relationships let you connect multiple accounts under a single umbrella to share content, data, and services between them.

You can setup and manage Parent + Child relationships under the "Account Relationships" tab in your Account Settings.

How does Fullscreen Direct's cart work?

Fullscreen Direct has a fully featured, global cart that handles transactions throughout our entire network.

Users can check out at any point while browsing Fullscreen Direct's internal network or your account's hosted site, even if it's on your own custom domain.

Logged in users can save their checkout information, which makes it easier to purchase again in the future.

How do you process payments on Fullscreen Direct?

Fullscreen Direct exclusively uses Stripe to process credit cards.

Stripe currently charges a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per transaction. That pricing is subject to change.

For details on what currencies Stripe supports please view, https://support.stripe.com/questions/in-which-currencies-can-i-charge-my-customers

How do I get paid and how often?

When a purchase is made, your money flows directly into your connected Stripe account. Stripe currently transfers payments into your bank account two days after they are made (i.e. on a two-day rolling basis).

How does Fullscreen Direct handle sales tax?

Please note that only a tax professional can help you determine when and where you are subject to tax.

For purchases we determine are based in the US (either based on shipping address or other means), a sales tax percentage will be applied to the cart. This sales tax rate we use is not guaranteed to be up to date and is meant solely to help build a buffer for your remittance.

While we do our best to get the tax rate percentage correct, it's your responsibility to accurately calculate and file your taxes.

Tax settings are available in the Settings section of your store dashboard.

Can I refund orders on Fullscreen Direct?

Yes, any purchase from your customers can be refunded from the Orders section in the store backend. When you cancel an entire order, we also refund the fee we originally took on that order based on your account plan.

You are also able to refund individual items within an order (to handle returns or order modifications based on custom support inquiries, for instance).

Refunds are free through Stripe. For more details on their disputes/chargebacks policies view https://stripe.com/help/disputes.

Can I export my sales data?

Yes, you can export sales in CSV format. The data can be filtered in various ways including by date ranges or for specific items.

Does Fullscreen Direct provide fulfillment?

Fullscreen Direct does not store or ship physical products, but we do have solutions in place so you can. By working with various companies and integrating with various technologies, we are flexible when it comes to how your products are fulfilled and how shipping prices are determined.

In general, Fullscreen Direct is a weight-based shipping provider.

If you already have your own fulfiller, we're happy to work with them to integrate with Fullscreen Direct. Contact us if you have a fulfiller you'd like us to partner with.

Calculating Shipping Prices


Fullscreen Direct is fully integrated with the USPS Shipping Rate API.


Fullscreen Direct is fully integrated with the UPS Shipping Rate API.


Fullscreen Direct is fully integrated with the FedEx Shipping Rate API.

Do note that the accuracy of shipping prices for the above APIs depends on the accuracy of weights entered for products. If your weights are not accurate, the calculated shipping costs will be incorrect. Due to the complexities of fulfillment, Fullscreen Direct does not gurantee shipping prices from these APIs will be 100% accurate.

Fulfillment Software

Simply go to the Shipping section of your store in our backend and add a new Fulfiller to integrate Fullscreen Direct with either of the software options below.


ShipStation is a web-based software designed to help eCommerce retailers process, fulfill, and ship their orders. Fullscreen Direct has a full custom store integration setup with ShipStation that will allow you to import your orders with ease. Marking orders as shipped within ShipStation also automatically updates the order within Fullscreen Direct. Read more about Fullscreen Direct and ShipStation here.


ShipWorks is eCommerce shipping software designed to download orders from your online store so that you can create shipping labels (with any shipping carrier), customer invoices, pick lists, monthly reports, and more. Fullscreen Direct is integrated with ShipWorks such that anybody using Fullscreen Direct can use ShipWorks to manage the fulfillment side of their store with ease.


Endicia’s online postage and shipping solutions allow you to print shipping and customs labels directly from the Fullscreen Direct backend. Simply enter your Endicia account details and you will be able to add postage to your account and print labels directly from our website.

What companies does Fullscreen Direct currently work with?

Name Description Location
Artist Endeavor Specializing in direct-to-fan fulfillment, Artist Endeavor coordinates merchandise arriving to them, handles the picking and packing of orders, and provides customer service in the event that any problem arises. Detroit, MI
Belltower Books Belltower Books has an East Coast-based warehouse and is capable of handling customer service and shipping worldwide. Sharon Hill, PA
Green Distribution Green has everything under one roof: customer service, art, screens, printing, finishing, storage, pick/pack and distribution. Having one point of contact through the whole process leads to cost efficiencies that are passed on to the customer. Secaucus, NJ
Gordonsville, VA
MCN Through their company MerchMo and the use of ShipStation, MCN provides fulfillment with full customer support and a personal account manager. They also have a centrally-located US warehouse in "Zone 8." Nashville, TN
RLP (MODLIFE) A West Coast fulfiller capabale of handling shipments worldwide. Carlsbad, CA
Townsend Townsend Music offers physical distribution via Universal and is able to fulfill items worldwide. United Kingdom
Amplifier Amplifier delivers order fulfillment, bulk and on-demand merchandise production, and private-label customer service through a powerful self-service platform. Austin, TX

What can I sell on Fullscreen Direct?

You can sell physical store items, digital downloads, gift cards and experiences on Fullscreen Direct.

Fullscreen Direct also allows you to sell subscriptions and access to exclusive content through a paid Fan Club membership. View Fan Clubs for more details.

Can I set up pre-orders for products in my store?

Yes. You can set up physical and digital store items as well as experiences as pre-orders.

You can choose a day for the item to go live in your store. At that point, the customers who ordered the product will be charged.

What is an experience?

An experience is selling direct access to you or your brand. Experiences allow you to be creative and offer a range of options for fans to choose from, including backstage VIP experiences, a custom birthday video message, or social media interactions. It's a way to give back to and engage directly with your fans and supporters.

How do I create a bundle of store items?

To create a bundle in the Store section, drag one item onto another to create a bundle with those two items in it. Once the bundle has been created, you can decide whether or not to sell the items individually. Bundles can include digital and physical items as well as experiences. Individual audio tracks or audio playlists can also be added to bundles from the Audio section.

All physical items in a particular bundle must have the same shipping options turned on so that they can be fulfilled as one order.

Living bundles allow you to add digital downloads after the bundle has been purchased. If you check the "Living bundle" option when creating the bundle, customers who have purchased the bundle will be notified whenever an item has been added to it and available for download.

What types of coupons can I offer?

You can create and manage coupons in the Coupons section of the store dashboard. When creating a coupon, you can choose between offering a percent discount or a dollar amount. You can also choose whether the coupon will apply to the whole order, just to shipping costs, or only to certain products. Items in the store can be marked as coupon ineligible.

Coupons can have a start date and an end date, and you also have the option to limit the number of overall uses and uses per fan.

You can create your own coupon codes or have the system generate unique codes for you. All coupon codes are entered in the cart at checkout.

Can I sell gift cards in my store?

Yes. You can set up and sell gift cards like you would any other store product. You can either create a gift card of a set amount or let fans name the price.

A unique gift card code will be generated for each card purchased and will appear on the customer's receipt. Upon completing their purchase, customers have the option to share the gift card code with the recipient of their gift. The code is entered at checkout in the cart.

As an admin, you can also create custom gift card codes to send directly to your fans.

Do you report sales to Soundscan and Buzz Angle?

Yes, Buzz Angle & US and Canada SoundScan reporting is available through Fullscreen Direct. As long as a valid UPC or iSRC code is entered for the audio you are selling, sales will be automatically reported daily.

How do I upload / add audio?

To upload audio, open the "Add Content" modal by clicking the plus sign in the upper right hand corner of any page in Fullscreen Direct's backend, then select "Audio."

In the add content modal, Select Audio, hit the "Upload Audio" button and then pick your audio files to upload. You can also search and add audio from SoundCloud.

There are no limits to the amount of audio you can upload to your Fullscreen Direct accounts.

What audio file types does Fullscreen Direct support?

Fullscreen Direct supports uploading audio in WAV, AIFF, ALAC (M4A) and FLAC formats. Once uploaded, we retain the original file and can convert it to both a 320kbps and a 128kbps MP3 file.

Upon conversion most of the metadata on the original file will remain intact on the converted files. Album artwork will remain attached for ALAC (M4A) to MP3 conversions.

Can I sell audio on Fullscreen Direct?

Yes, you can set your own price for audio sales and if you wish, let fans name their own price.

You can also give away audio downloads for free or to fans who follow your account on Fullscreen Direct. We don't limit how much audio you can give away for free.

What is a Fan Club?

A Fan Club is a community where fans can share their own content, connect with other fans and access exclusive content.

Fan Clubs are a great way to increase audience engagement, share exclusive content and create subscription-based experiences.

The larger your community grows, the more back-end data and audience insights you'll see.

How do I set up a Fan Club?

To create a Fan Club, go to your Fans Dashboard and select "Set Up a Fan Club" at the bottom of the page. From there, you can manage your Fan Club's tiers and settings. You can add a custom description, restrict the types of content that fans can submit, and turn on a moderation queue to hold fan content for approval.

What are Fan Club tiers and how do they work?

Tiers let you create up to three separate levels of membership within your Fan Club. Each tier can be customized to include a merch bundle with signup, give a discount in the store or assign promo codes to fans. Individual store items can have custom pricing per membership tier.

Can I charge for access to my Fan Club?

You can charge for access to any or all of the tiers on your Fan Club. Charges recur at varying intervals such as once a year, every six months, every three months, or every month. An email will automatically be sent to fans before expiration or renewal.

Free trials are available for paid memberships that do not incldue merch bundles.

What types of content can my fans add to my Fan Club?

When setting up your Fan Club, you have the option to allow fans in each tier to post content in your community.

Fans can submit photos, statuses, blog posts, videos, and audio to your Fan Club's community. You can control which content types fans can submit in your Fan Club settings modal.

Can I moderate fan content submitted to my Fan Club's community?

Yes, you can turn on a moderation queue to hold fan content for approval in your Fan Club settings modal.

What features are in place to stop copyrighted or offensive content?

Fans can flag (i.e. report) any content posted by other fans. If a certain threshold is reached for that piece of content, it is automatically removed from public viewing and placed in a flagged content queue. This queue can be moderated by admins to delete or re-add the content.

How does messaging work?

Fullscreen Direct's built-in messaging system uses data from our network to help you communicate with your fans better.

Features include targeting individual fans or groups of fans, open tracking on sent campaigns and more.

Can I send messages to individual fans?

Yes. To message an individual fan, open that fan's user modal and click the message button in the upper right hand corner.

Can I target my messages to fans based on different criteria?

Yes. When creating campaigns, you can filter your fans by any combination of different search queries before messaging them.

Verified fans can be sorted by events they are attending or the fan club tier they are in. You can also filter by location, age, gender or last login. To engage members of the fan community, you can sort by the number of likes, posts or comments made. Using store data, fans can be contacted based on total amount spent or if they have purchased a particular item.

Can I schedule a message to be sent at a later date?

Yes. Compose your message and click "Send Later" instead of "Send Now." You can choose a date and a time for the message to be sent.

Can I import an existing email list and use it for messaging on Fullscreen Direct?

Paid accounts have the ability to import existing mailing lists. However, we strongly advise that you ask your current list to join your account's Fan Club.

Converting your email list to Fan Club members builds a stronger profile of fan data that can improve your sales and marketing efforts.

What kind of sites can I create with Fullscreen Direct?

Anything you can imagine can be built and powered by Fullscreen Direct, from simple offer pages to full-scale, extensive sites with multiple sections and capabilities.

Can I use my own custom domain or URL?

Yes. After purchasing a domain name from a registrar, you can apply that custom domain to any or all of your Fullscreen Direct accounts' hosted sites.

How do I set up my custom domain?

To start using a custom domain with your Fullscreen Direct account, you first need to point your custom domain to Fullscreen Direct’s servers.

Log in to your domain registrar’s website, where you purchased your domain name. You will want to manage your domain’s DNS records.

To point your custom domain at Fullscreen Direct, you must do so via a subdomain (i.e. www.example.com or blog.example.com). To set up a subdomain, add a CNAME record that points to domains.fullscreendirect.com to your DNS zone file.

Note: if you set up a www subdomain, you will also need to set your domain’s root (i.e. example.com) A Record to point to, so that proper redirects can take place.

It may take several hours for this new domain configuration to take effect worldwide. If you’ve updated your nameservers, it may take 24 to 72 hours for the new configuration to take effect.

After you’ve pointed your custom domain name, go back to your account’s Account Settings modal. Go into the Hosted Site section and turn on the option to “Use a custom domain.” Type in your custom domain and click “Save.”

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about DNS and custom domains.

How do I customize what my site looks like?

We provide various pre-built themes that you can choose from to customize your site's layout and functionality. Many themes support simple options that let you update colors, background images and more without having to touch any code.

To really customize your site we provide full access to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for all themes. You can either fully customize existing themes, or roll your own using our various Developer tools from scratch.

What is SBNav?

SBNav stands for StageBloc Navigation. Used for StageBloc hosted sites, SBNav typically appears in the corners of hosted sites as a square grey icon with the StageBloc "SB" logo.

SBNav adds a lot of built-in functionality to hosted sites by handling communication between the hosted site and platform. It powers the shopping cart and allows users to follow and share an account, discover more accounts to follow and edit their user profile.

To hide SBNav from a hosted site, you may white-label your site via the Hosted Site settings modal. Once removed, we recommend working with a developer to extend your hosted site's theme to support some of the more advanced functionalities typically provided by SBNav.

Who can I talk to for help designing & developing a custom theme?

Contact us for help creating custom sites, offer pages, stores, or fan clubs powered by Fullscreen Direct. Depending on the project, we'll either offer to help directly or refer you to one of our preferred partners.

As a self serve platform with freely available developer tools and theme documentation, anyone who knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can create a custom theme on Fullscreen Direct.

Can I white label Fullscreen Direct?

Yes. Paid accounts can white label their hosted Fullscreen Direct sites and messaging. Subtle Fullscreen Direct branding is included for free accounts.

How do I change my Fullscreen Direct hosted site’s theme?

You can change your hosted site's theme from the Hosted Site area of your account's main Account Settings section.

How do I customize my theme?

Many pre-built themes let you update simple options like colors and background images without touching code. You also have full access to every theme's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which lets you completely customize existing themes.

For the adventurous, we provide various Developer tools that let anyone create custom themes from scratch.

Can I create and use my own theme on Fullscreen Direct?

Yes, you can create and use your own completely custom themes on Fullscreen Direct. For more details visit our Developer section.

How much control do I have over my theme?

You have full control over your hosted Fullscreen Direct site's theme. Edit any of your theme's markup, CSS, and JavaScript to make your site as fully featured or simple as you'd like.

How much does Fullscreen Direct cost?

Please contact us to discuss your needs and available pricing.

How do revenue shares work?

Depending on your account plan, we take a percentage share of the revenue each of our accounts make. This revenue share is calculated based on sales after taxes and shipping.

How do I upgrade my account plan?

You can upgrade your account plan from within your Account Settings section. To access your Account Settings click the settings icon on your account's main dashboard in the web platform. For more help, please contact us.

How do I upgrade to an Enterprise account plan?

We currently handle Enterprise accounts on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss upgrading to an Enterprise account plan.

What tools do you have for developers?

For developers we provide documentation for our theming engine and our API, a PHP wrapper and an iOS Framework. For more details visit our Developers section.

Is there an API available?

Yes, we have an API that is available for anyone to use. For more details visit the API portion of our Developers section.

Can I develop themes locally?

Yes, Fullscreen Direct themes can be developed locally.

Themes can be edited in a web based sidebar, but that isn't ideal for rapid development and prototyping. To make theme development easier, we've built an open source, PHP based tool that uses Fullscreen Direct's API to render a theme and return the HTML.

For more details visit our Local Theme Dev repo on GitHub.

Do you support custom fields?

Yes. You can setup and use Custom Fields to extend and add functionality to your account's core content sections. This is especially valuable when using Fullscreen Direct to power more advanced, custom hosted sites.

How do I integrate a mobile app with Fullscreen Direct?

To integrate Fullscreen Direct into a mobile app, first register your application with Fullscreen Direct. This will get you a client ID and client secret key. You can register your application through the Developers tab of your account's Account Settings section.

Once you've obtained both your client ID and secret, it's now just a matter of interacting with Fullscreen Direct's API to handle the integration. For more details, visit the API portion of our Developers section.