As you know, we've been working on improving various ecommerce features on the platform. As we prepare to roll out some exciting cart updates, we wanted to share one feature that will soon be available: your own branded cart and checkout experience. 

If you are selling your products on the Fullscreen Direct platform, you will soon be able to customize your cart with your official logo. 


With the new membership quick view modal, your fans can now sign up for your fan club and upgrade or downgrade their membership all from 1 simplified modal.  If auto renew is turned off, they can also extend their existing membership. 

Your fans can now simply manage their fan club membership and sign up for a membership tier by clicking the new prominent “Add to Cart” button. 

With the new Added to Cart modal, customers will instantly see the product added to cart with additional buttons such as “View Cart”, “Checkout Now”, “Keep Shopping”  buttons allowing the customers to choose where to navigate. 

They will also be able to see their total savings, if the product is on sale. 

This new “Added to Cart” Feature lets customers stay on the product page after clicking...

We've redesigned the Quick View modal. Same functionalities with slight enhancement. You'll notice the new The "Add to Cart" button has a new look. 

Quick View is a fast preview of products that can make online browsing more efficient for customers. 

The feature can quickly access information about a product and add it to a customer’s cart without being taken to a new page

Customers are...

We’ve made some improvements around the shopping cart which has resulted in the removal of universal cart. 

Which means, a customer will no longer be able to browse your store, add an item to their cart, visit a different store on Fullscreen Direct and see products from another store in their shopping cart.

Each cart will now be account specific.