Messages Section Overhaul

Okay, after basking in the glory of that video, I bet you are curious to know what’s new… okay, you don’t need to twist our arm! We are excited to talk about it. Here’s a dive into what’s changed.

Campaigns + Direct Messages are now “Messages”

We have merged Campaigns and Direct Messages into one section, now called Messages.

Instead of a full page...

New Report Type: REFUNDS

A new report type called "Refunds" allows you to view refunds that were issued within a specific time frame, making your accountant's life that much easier!

Here's how you do it:

1. Go to your Store dashboard and select “Reports”

2. Select the “+” to create a new report

3. Name your report and select Report Type “Refunds”

4. Select a...

Applauze Integration

Through our new integration with the ticketing provider, Applauze, you can now view individual fans’ ticketing history through Fullscreen Direct’s Fan Modal.

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to your Events dashboard and click the settings wheel

2. Select “Applauze Integration”

3. Enter your Applauze Artist ID

After a sale through Applauze, you...

New Information in Fan Modal

Now you can see even more about your fans through the Fullscreen Direct Fan Modal, with the addition of contests entered and membership level changes. Check out the updates below:

Check out the updates below:

1. See what contests fans have entered under “Fan Details”

2. Track Membership level changes for individual fans

  • Go to “Fan Management” then “View...

Filtering Fans by Zip Code

Fullscreen Direct is making it easier for you to segment fans with fan filtering by zip code. Use this to target fans in a specific area and let them know about shows, VIP and ticket sales, contests and more.

Here is how you do it:

1. Go to your Fans dashboard and select “View All” on the card in the upper left corner

2. Select “Options”

3. Select “Distance” as...