We've redesigned the Quick View modal. Same functionalities with slight enhancement. You'll notice the new The "Add to Cart" button has a new look. 

Quick View is a fast preview of products that can make online browsing more efficient for customers. 

The feature can quickly access information about a product and add it to a customer’s cart without being taken to a new page

Customers are...

We’ve made some improvements around the shopping cart which has resulted in the removal of universal cart. 

Which means, a customer will no longer be able to browse your store, add an item to their cart, visit a different store on Fullscreen Direct and see products from another store in their shopping cart.

Each cart will now be account specific.

Failed payment transactions can happen due to a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are outlined below. 

  1. Insufficient Funds. One of the most common reasons for a failed transaction, and is self-explanatory. Your customer simply didn’t have enough money in their account, or they may have gone above their credit limit.
  2. Incorrect Details. Another common reason for a failed transactions,...

With the new Default Credit Card feature, customers have the ability to save their default credit card and their shipping and billing information so they can complete their transaction faster the next time they make a purchase. 

This can save your customers time when they check out. 


Q. How many credit cards can a customer add?
A. Customers  can add as many credit cards as they...

Product Reordering is now called Catalog. You can now group your products into categories to make it easier for customers to find them by category. We made it easier to create, edit and remove categories. Learn how the new “Featured & “Sale” categories work below.

Create/Edit/Delete a Category: 

Creating a New Category:

1. Navigate to the Store, and click on the Products tab.

2. In the...