Store Tax Settings

In order to comply with new laws passed regarding charging taxes on digital goods, we have made some updates to the Tax settings section of the Fullscreen Direct store. 

You can now choose to charge taxes on three different types of digital goods:

  • Downloads
  • Experiences
  • Fan Club Memberships

In order to calculate taxes properly, billing address will now be required for all orders. And don’t worry - auto renewals of memberships will be taxed moving forward as well according to the settings in your store section.

We recommend you check your tax settings prior to the holiday season to ensure that taxes are being charged in your online store according to the needs of your business.*

To update your tax settings:

  1. Navigate to the Store Settings section of your store’s backend in Fullscreen Direct 
  2. Find the “Tax Applicable States” section on the left-hand side of the screen.

*Just a reminder that we at Fullscreen Direct are not tax professionals and cannot give advice as to you business's tax settings. Please consult with your business and/or legal teams to ensure that any changes you make are in keeping with your business needs.