Checkout v2.3

We recently pushed an update (Version 2.3) to Checkout. You should see this update available through TestFlight.

Version 2.3 features new functionality and overall performance refinements.

When you have a chance, please update your version of Checkout to the latest.

New features include:

1. Product Reordering

You can now reorder how your store's products are displayed.

From the Admin > Account > Products section of the app, simply tap the "Reorder” button.

Then simply drag and drop your products to reposition them. When you’re done, make sure to save your changes. Please note that this is all device and account specific. As such, you'll have to rearrange your products on each iPad if you want them to all use the same order… or you can set each iPad up with its own unique product ordering.

2. Sales Graph

We've added a sales graph to help you better visualize your sales history and trends. This graph lives in the main Admin > Account dashboard in Checkout. As we continue to refine and evolve Checkout we'll be adding more data and features to this section.

3. "Forgot Password” Link & Other Updates

Fans can now easily send themselves a reset password email from within the Cart.

Other updates include,

  • Auto-selection of orders & products to improve management for admins
  • Auto-selection of product option when only one exists
  • Easier numerical input
  • Initial, inline fan profile editing
  • Numerous under-the-hood performance improvements and UI refinements