How to Sell Experiences on Fullscreen Direct

What are experiences, you ask? They're intangible things you can sell in your store that aren't exactly physical items (like t-shirts) or digital items (like eBooks and albums). Experiences mean direct access to you and your brand, whether it's in the form of VIP experiences, custom video messages, dinner meet-ups, backstage trips, or anything else you can think of.


You add experiences to your store the same way you add any other type of store item. Simply click the add content plus sign in the upper right hand corner of the Fullscreen Direct back-end, and select "Experience."

Then you just need to fill out all the information for your item and add a picture.


You can sell experiences with any number of options, which work the same way as options on physical items for size or color. These options are helpful if you're offering your experience on each night of a tour, or if you'll be in different cities for your meet-ups.

Experiences tie directly into messaging, which is one of the advantages of having everything in one single platform. After you have a group of fans who purchase your experience, you can sort your messaging lists based on which item and which option those fans purchased.


You can send out instructions closer to the date of the meet-up, especially if times and locations will vary depending on which option the fan purchased.

Selling experiences through Fullscreen Direct helps you connect directly with your fans and engage your audience. The platform connects commerce, messaging and marketing so it's easy to reach out to fans and close the loop of communication with them.