Branded Cart

As you know, we've been working on improving various ecommerce features on the platform. As we prepare to roll out some exciting cart updates, we wanted to share one feature that will soon be available: your own branded cart and checkout experience. 

If you are selling your products on the Fullscreen Direct platform, you will soon be able to customize your cart with your official logo. 

The logo will be placed on top of the cart and checkout pages.  Below is a sneak peak of the new cart page.   

Branded Cart

This feature has not been released yet, but to properly prepare, we encourage you to upload your logo to the platform now to ensure your cart is branded when the release happens. 

It’s a simple process! 


  1. From your FSD admin go to Store section then select Settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom right of the page. You’ll see a place to upload your logo
  3. Select “Select File” to upload your logo (*please make sure it meets the requirements)

Logo file requirements:

  • Maximum file size: 300KB
  • File types: png or svg
  • Visible on white background
  • The logo will be contained within a box 200px wide and 30px tall.

FSD Tips:

  • It is recommended to run your logo file through an image optimization program, such as ImageOptim
  • The logo will be contained within a box 200px wide and 30px tall.
  • It is recommended to resize and save your file as double one of these dimensions.

ie:, either make the logo file 400px wide, or 60px tall (whichever is larger).

Removing a Logo:

  • Once a logo is uploaded, an admin can remove the logo by clicking on 'Remove' button. 
  • Once removed, the cart will display the account name.

Removing a Logo

Removing your logo