Emails - Newly Customizable System Emails [July 2017]

We've added the ability to customize additional system emails.

You can edit the text in the following 8 emails sent from your site:

1) Password Reset Email (This email is sent to fans when they request a password reset)

2) Verification Reminder Email (This email is sent to fans to remind them to verify their email address

3) Fan Club Welcome Email (This email is sent to fans when they join your Fan Club

4) Coupon Generation Notification (Email sent to a Fan when they click a link that generates a coupon code)

5) Cart Abandoned Reminder (Reminds a customer that their cart has been abandoned)

6) Order Receipt (Email sent to customers after they make an order in your store)

7) File Added To Digital Item Option (Email sent to customers of a digital item when a file is attached to a SKU in your store)

8) Digital Item Added To Living Bundle (Alerts a customer that a new digital file from a bundle they purchased, is ready for download)

Clicking on these Emails will pull up a modal where you can customize the copy

After making changes to an email template, select Save Template to save your changes.

In order to activate these system emails, you must go into the specific email you wish to activate, edit any copy in the HTML you wish to edit and click “Save”

If you make an error you can always select “Reset to Default” on the specific Email

Note: Email variables are only available for use within the email template in which they exist by default. These variables exist in their default email templates for a reason and generally provide a specific function for that template. Do not remove those variables unless you are absolutely certain of what function they provide. You could end up removing a key function of the form itself. An unsubscribe link will display at the bottom of all system emails. That link is required to conform with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and cannot be removed.

Note: When making changes to these templates be sure to test these changes by sending an email to yourself. Improper changes made to the form can cause the form to fail; please exercise caution when making these changes. If you find you're not receiving emails, try reverting to a default template.

As always feel free to contact your Fullscreen Direct Account Manager if you run into any issues or have any questions on how System Emails work.