Reports - Time & Time Zone Filter [July 2017]

We've added the ability to customize reports in specific time zones.

Select the Reports icon from your dashboard

From there you can create a new report by clicking the “+” or edit an existing report

A modal will pop up where you can name your report and select the report type

Give your report a name and select the type of report that you'd like to start:

  • Order
  • Order Line Item
  • Store Item
  • Customer
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Membership History
  • Fan Trial
  • Refunds
  • UPC Sales
  • Audio Downloads

Select which columns you’d like to include in your report. Scroll down further to add any filters you wish to include. Scroll down even further to select how you’d like to group your report

From there you have the option to preview your report or save and exit

Once your report is created, select “Run” on the desired report

To specify a date or date range and time and timezone, set the default date type to “Absolute”

From there, you can set the time zone, start date, and end date.

If you scroll down further you can specify your filters.

Click “Generate Report”. Your new customized report will then be Emailed to you.