Blog - New Blog Editor Update [July 2017]

We’ve simplified the look & feel for composing blog posts. Now you have the ability to format your posts in one simple modal.

To edit the author, publish date, timezone, URL slug, categories, just click the gear icon on the top right. All the same formatting options remain the same.

To add a new Blog Entry:

  • Select the blue blog icon from your dashboard.
  • Click the + icon to add a new blog post. The Blog Post Editor will open.
  • A Text Block appears automatically to get you started.
  • To enter a title for your post, click the "Add a title" box.
  • To add more content to the post like an image, link, HTML or format your post, click the appropriate icon in the editor modal.
  • To add categories, tags, a publish date / time, an author and customized URL for your blog post, click the gear icon on the top right of the editor. You will see the additional fields.You can schedule a post to publish at a specific time by setting the date in the future.
  • Slug URL - Every blog post has its own URL, formatted based on your default Post URL Format. To edit the blog URL, click the gear icon, then click the URL Slug and edit the slug. The URL will automatically include the Blog Page slug, but you can add any custom text after, separated by dashes. Here's an example of how that might look: /my-new-post-title
  • Click SAVE to save your post and the X to exit

Publish / Stick / Mark Exclusive Blog Posts:

  • Select the gray check mark. If it’s blue, it’s published. If it’s gray, it’s a saved draft.
  • To stick/pin the post to the top of your other blog entries, select the gray push pin. If the push pin is blue, it’s sticky (pinned), If it’s gray it’s not sticky (not pinned).
  • To make the blog post exclusive to specific fans groups, click the exclusive badge and select which tier should have access to view your entry.

Click SAVE to save your post and the X to exit

NOTE: If your theme uses custom fields, you will find them here. Select the gear icon on the top right of the editor modal and scroll down. See below screenshot for reference.