Messages Section Overhaul

Okay, after basking in the glory of that video, I bet you are curious to know what’s new… okay, you don’t need to twist our arm! We are excited to talk about it. Here’s a dive into what’s changed.

Campaigns + Direct Messages are now “Messages”

We have merged Campaigns and Direct Messages into one section, now called Messages.

Instead of a full page “breakout editing experience”, you can now create and edit messages from our new Message Modal.

You’ll see the parallels right away. Edit on the left, preview on the right.

Custom Templates is now “Templates”

We have enhanced our Custom Templates feature by splitting into two different kinds: Designs and Content Templates.

Don’t worry, none of your beautiful templates have gone anywhere! They have all been moved over to “Content Templates”.

If you are using a template that we moved over from the old system, you will want to set your "Design" template to "None" and your "Content Template" to the name of your old template.

Content Templates

Use Content Templates to define what text and image inputs are shown when creating a new message. For example, you might use the pre-defined "Simple Content" or a heading and main body text field, or you may create your own to define lots of different areas. Let us know if you require assistance setting up different content templates (such as a Store Grid, or a ICYMI template).


Use Designs to theme or skin your emails. Most of your HTML and CSS for your email template will go here, and your Content Template will be injected into the middle area!

Auto-responders is now “System Emails”

The Auto-responders section has been renamed to “System Emails”. Here you can customize (or, “override” as the name suggestions) the automatic emails that are sent out by the Fullscreen Direct platform, such as Password Reset emails or Fan Club Welcome emails.

Email Lists is still “Email Lists”

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! This section has remained completely unchanged. Smooth sailing from here, cap’n.

If you don't see an Email Lists section, that's ok! It is only turned on for some accounts. If you want to learn more, feel free to shoot us a quick message.


We have moved CAN-SPAM settings from the Messages section to the account settings modal. Once you set this up you likely won't need to change it often (if ever), so we put it in a spot where its not as In Your Face. If you ever create a new account, you will be prompted to fill it out once you start you first message, so this move really will not affect many users.