Beyond the Email List

We live in a time where your communications with your fans, customers and followers might be subject to complex algorithms, or buried under other updates after just a few hours. Your email list might seem like it's a last refuge, a group of people you're able to contact directly that you know are interested in your band or your business.

But all those people are just strings of letter and numbers in a CSV file. You don't know much about them (if anything), making it much harder to market to them.

Fullscreen Direct gives you the tools to move beyond your email list, connect with your audience and turn them into real people you know and understand. Instead of a list, you have fans.

Going beyond the email list lets you visualize and understand data about your audience

The downfalls of only having an email list

If you are only collecting email addresses, you're not really getting to know your fans. For example, if you only have a list of emails, you don't know that:

  • A fan uses a different Gmail address now and hasn't checked their Yahoo account in ages
  • Someone is active in your online fan communities but has never bought an item from your store
  • Your biggest pre-sale ticket buyer also comments on all your blog posts.

You also might not know how many true fans you have. You may have 50,000 fans on an email list that you've been collecting for 10 years, but every year people abandon old email addresses, change companies or schools (and along with it, their primary email address), or just aren't interested anymore.

And it's much more effective to connect with fans you know are engaged with your brand.

You can see how your list of fans grows over time in Fullscreen Direct

Convert your list to Fullscreen Direct

Your email list is a great place to start, but you want to end with a better idea of who your followers are.

The first step is importing your old list into Fullscreen Direct.

Then, send a message encouraging your email list to follow you on Fullscreen Direct. If you're an artist, sending a link to an exclusive video or track will draw your fans in. If you have a store on Fullscreen Direct, offer a coupon for a store item. Right away, you'll see stats on your message, like how many people clicked your links, and where on your site they went afterwards.

From there, you'll start seeing connections throughout our platform, from community to store to comments and likes. Then you can start using fan filtering to reach out to specific groups of people, and direct messaging to reward your top fans and customers.

Fullscreen Direct artists who have used fan filtering in recent messaging campaigns have seen high engagement rates compared to music industry standards. These rates are about twice the average open rate at 40% and nearly eight times the average clickthrough rate at 23%. (source).

With Fullscreen Direct, you know who your audience really is. From there, you can make your marketing much more effective and direct, bringing more success to your band, business or blog.