Store - New Nested Categories

The  store category functionality has been updated to support nested categories, giving you more flexibility in how you merchandise your store. 

With the new nested category functionality, you can now display one product in multiple categories which gives you more flexibility when organizing your storefront.  

With the nesting feature, you are able to add a multiple “Parent” categories that...

Emails - Newly Customizable System Emails [July 2017]

We've added the ability to customize additional system emails.

You can edit the text in the following 8 emails sent from your site:

1) Password Reset Email (This email is sent to fans when they request a password reset)

2) Verification Reminder Email (This email is sent to fans to remind them to verify their email address

3) Fan Club Welcome Email (This...

Reports - Time & Time Zone Filter [July 2017]

We've added the ability to customize reports in specific time zones.

Select the Reports icon from your dashboard

From there you can create a new report by clicking the “+” or edit an existing report

A modal will pop up where you can name your report and select the report type

Give your report a name and select the type of report that you'd like...

Blog - New Blog Editor Update [July 2017]

We’ve simplified the look & feel for composing blog posts. Now you have the ability to format your posts in one simple modal.

To edit the author, publish date, timezone, URL slug, categories, just click the gear icon on the top right. All the same formatting options remain the same.

To add a new Blog Entry:

  • Select the blue blog icon from your dashboard.
  • Click the +...

Checkout v2.3

We recently pushed an update (Version 2.3) to Checkout. You should see this update available through TestFlight.

Version 2.3 features new functionality and overall performance refinements.

When you have a chance, please update your version of Checkout to the latest.

New features include:

1. Product Reordering

You can now reorder how your store's products are...