PHOTOS: All Dressed Up In Prague June 3rd 2014

TN Kids all dressed up in Prague...

Last night was the first night that Justin and The Tennessee Kids were back from a crazy, exhilarating festival run - from Istanbul to Lisbon....but we gotta say, it was really nice to be back on the good old stage with our special bridge and full set of songs! Thanks Prague for showing us how to party. Some colorful snaps below. And be sure to check Justin's Instagram for a quick video! Next up Vienna! Let's see you turn it up tonight!

Oh - and if you haven't seen it already, check out Justin's newest video, featuring YOU!

Much love!

The Tennessee Kids

(Photos: Faith-Ann Young)

Mr. Terry Santiel

JT on the mic

The Regiment horns and singer Erin taking a bow!

Miss Zenya and J.K. working it...


Keyboardist Daniel Jones

Eric Smith

Hands up!

Brian Frasier-Moore pounding it out


JT does a cheers with a shot of Sauza 901!

Standing Ovation....!!!!!!!

(Photos: Faith-Ann Young)