On The Road PHOTOS : #JT2020Tour Helsinki Finland

We can't get enough of Finland! Everyone is so super sweet and polite. When the security guards had marked with tape - rather than rope or fence- where people would stand, we thought it would be chaos. Instead, the whole crowd just stood patiently behind the tape as they were told. We were envious of their civility! That would never happen in America!

Meanwhile, the interior at the Hartwall Areena was something out of a Batman flick. The place is built straight into the mountain - so it sort of reminded us of being in one giant prehistoric cave.

Although it's been sort of rainy, we still enjoyed our time spent in Finland - you guys have such a lovely, sweet, and well-designed city....(We'll also note that the TN Kids males couldn't help but appreciate the bevy of attractive females walking around.) Thanks for the hospitality, Helsinki. You rule!

Next stop, Russia!

Peace & Love,

The TN Kids

Can you spot yourself? Let us know in the comments if we caught your pretty faces!

(Writing Andrew Reilly; Photos: Faith-Ann Young)