Exclusive Photos: Madison Square Garden 2014

JT and The Tennessee Kids touched down at Madison Square Garden for two insane nights. While due to health reasons, Wednesday unfortunately had to be rescheduled to Friday, you rallied with us through it all; if anything, you gave us more energy Thursday and Friday than we ever could have hoped. (P.S. And Buffalo - we got a message for you.) You guys killed it! Each night, Madison Square Garden was electric, with the crowd going wild late into the night - just like we'd expect from the City That Never Sleeps. Check out our photos from the two nights and key quotes from blogger Brooke Lefferts who "got her sexy on" Friday night. And keep posting your stories on The Tennessee Kids so we can share them along!

Till next time, New York. Much love,

-The TN Kids

Madison Square Garden - packed to the brim

Jump! Jump! Elliott Ives, JT, Adam Blackstone, Mike Scott.

The horns section, including The Regiment Horns

Singers Miss Zenya & Erin Stevenson

One of the guitarists Mike Scott

The award for Best Dressed goes to... THIS LITTLE MAN!!!

Two fingers in the air for Michael Jackson - - (if not taking an iPhone picture...?)

Dancer Lindsay Richardson

"JT came out in a debonair white jacket tux, cut perfectly to his frame. He sang most of his hits — old and new– and glided along the stage looking as cool and classic as Clooney, moving as smoothly and skillfully as Michael."

Guitarist Mike Scott tearin' the roof off!

"But the way the show is designed, every section of the venue gets a little piece of Justin at some point. The stage is simple– no crazy sets or props– with split levels for him, his dancers, and his band, The Tennessee Kids. The backdrop is a giant video screen playing mostly black and white photos."

Nick Bass with Ivan Koumaev in back

Mrs. Timberlake came prepared

Dancer Dana Wilson getting her groove on.

Elliott Ives shredding

Writer: Andrew Reilly

Photographer: Faith-Ann Young