Myspace TN Kids Photo Contest Winners!

In October, we kicked off a four-week photo contest, where we asked you the fans to submit photos inspired by specific JT tracks, like "Take Back The Night" and "Pair of Wings." We were really impressed by the diversity and creativity of the submissions each week and it was really hard to choose the winner each time!!

That said, our 4 favorites are listed below. Congrats to the winners - who have won concert tix, JT gear, and $500 cash. In the meantime, keep up with Justin on Myspace by uploading photos of the #JT2020Tour!


WINNER: Ashlyn Mikel of New Orleans

This won the award for making us laugh out loud. We love the details of the shot: Bud light platinum, purse, and CD case. That's what Taking Back the Night looks like in a doggie's world.

Week 2: TKO

Winner: Lindsay Blakely

While a lot of photos that week were quite grizzly and boxing oriented, this one was just too darn cute to pass up!

Week 3: True Blood

Winner: Erica D Hobin

This week drew in a lot of creative halloween-esque photos - but this one was stellar - a true work of art (look at the air in the shot! And the photo coloring!)

Week 4: Pair Of Wings

Winner: Rosalia

Good creative photoshopping Rosalia! And we love shots of people having a blast on the #JT2020Tour!!!

See all submissions on the TN Kids Myspace Page