You can't go to San Francisco in the summer without a) hearing the phrase "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." and then b) proceeding on freezing your freezing your a** off. But it didn't phase Justin and JAY Z on Friday, July 26th, when they took the stage at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, their first stop on the West Coast. In fact, it was almost a nice relief from the East Coast humidity.

Despite howling winds outside the arena, inside was (relatively) hot, wild, and rowdy. Meanwhile, SF really showed their incomparable spirit; the whole crowd standing majority of the show from the nose-bleeds to the front and singing, dancing and grooving to each and every song as Justin and JAY hopped from song to song.

Bay area, thanks for repping hard!! What a spectacular night. Some pictures below; more shots are coming. In the meantime, if you were there, let us know your TN Kid experience in the comments!!

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Clear and sunny pre-show / Candlestick Park / San Francisco CA

Getting filled to the brim / Candlestick Park / San Francisco / July 26th

Let's get the party is started / Candlestick Park / SF / July 26th 2013

Top of the world / Candlestick Park / San Francisco / July 26th 2013

Where's waldo / Candlestick Park / San Francisco CA / July 26th 2013

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Photo Credit: Faith-Ann Young