The Vandals

The influence and power of The Vandals took a couple of years to solidify, but they didn’t care. Offering more wisecracks than angst, the band maintained a steadily growing following in the early-‘80s Southern California punk scene, happily gigging around town and even holding tongue-in-cheek fundraisers for what they deemed unworthy causes. Sticking to small and independent labels, their albums remained free of outside influences, save for fellow and preceding punk bands like The Descendents and Bad Religion. By the time punk experienced resurgence in the early-‘90s, The Vandals were veterans and released a new slew of albums full of their signature irreverence including The Quickening and Hitler Bad, Vandals Good.


The Vandals - "My Girlfriend's Dead"

The Vandals - "I Have a Date" Nitro Records

The Vandals - "It's a Fact" (Glory Daze Version) - Nitro Records