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Fans can’t get enough of the artists they love… and artists can’t get enough fans. That’s why we launched Fullscreen Direct.

Manage your fan base and grow your digital business

Trusted by many of today’s top artists and creators, Fullscreen Direct is a powerful, intuitive platform that helps artists engage their fans using tools for marketing, commerce, Fan Clubs and more.

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How It Works

Fullscreen Direct provides the tools and services necessary to help you understand and engage your audience, create and market products, and grow your overall business.

One platform to manage everything One platform to manage everything One platform to manage everything One platform to manage everything

One stop shop for all your direct to fan businesses with simple tools to monitor and manage your business

Everything in one place Everything in one place Everything in one place Everything in one place

Create and manage everything with simple, friendly tools

Understand your audience Understand your audience Understand your audience Understand your audience

It’s your data — we help you make sense of (and use) it

See fan behavior in your community, manage their membership and interact with them directly through messaging
Aggregate and share official content and community posts in one streamlined experience for your fans
Store dashboard shows sales stats, demographics and customer behaviors in one place
Add store items, media, events and more from one central modal
Reach specific fans and create targeted marketing campaigns for your brand
Organize your fans with a variety of data sets to target specific demographics


Hosted Sites

  • Customizable themes
  • Support for custom domains
  • Blog, events, photos, video and audio
  • Scheduled posting
  • Import and post to social networks
  • Extensive developer tools


  • Digital, physical, audio, pre-orders, experiences and bundles
  • Orders, shipments and inventory management
  • Gift Cards and coupons
  • Third-party fulfillment integrations
  • Data dashboards and sales reports
  • Shopping cart abandonment remarketing
  • Mobile POS App (sell anything anywhere)

Fan Clubs

  • Free and paid memberships
  • Fan demographic, location, activity and purchase data
  • Built-in email marketing
  • Discounts, promo codes and contests
  • Fans can create, comment and like content

Case Studies


Metallica partnered with Fullscreen Direct to launch a redesigned and refreshed digital presence. The new front-facing site allowed Metallica to present years of archival content in a new, engaging and organized way. Fullscreen Direct’s fan management tools allowed their team to manage their site, store, email marketing and fan club, as well as view data and insights all in a single platform.

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Eric Church

Using the Fullscreen Direct platform, Eric Church’s latest album Mr. Misunderstood was released as a surprise a day early to his fan club members, giving his most dedicated fans early access to the record.

Fullscreen Direct developed an app called These Boots where fans can create and purchase custom cowboy boots made by legendary brand Lucchese along with a point-of-sale app for on-site merchandise transactions with real-time stock updates.

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Kenny Chesney

Designed and developed by Fullscreen Direct, the all new kennychesney.com site introduced streamlined media, interactive official posts and a re-imagined forum style that promotes fan engagement all on on one easy-to-navigate page. By moving Kenny’s store, email marketing and forum to one platform, Kenny’s team has been able to gather insights and data on his audience and increase fan club membership and merchandise sales.

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Keith Urban

Using Fullscreen Direct as the singular platform for his store, community and messaging has given Keith Urban and his team ownership of their fan relationships and data. With their data all in one place Keith Urban’s team has the ability to understand and engage directly with their fans using inter-connected demographic and consumer data.

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“Fullscreen Direct is something that we rely on heavily for Eric Church. We’ve made it a point to use all the features of the platform, instead of tying together multiple vendors, which allows us to be nimble in our interactions with Eric’s fan club, merchandise sales and website. The platform has enabled us to super serve our fans and grow Eric’s fan club larger than it’s ever been.”

— Nick Barnes, Director, Fan Engagement – Eric Church

“We recently moved Keith Urban’s website & fan club administration onto the platform. It was easily the smoothest transition I have ever had for a major artist website. The platform was truly built as a development-first technology and this allows a level of flexibility in execution, scale and development that I have not seen on any other platform. The team is supportive, willing to make changes that we need as customers, and pro-active on solving issues. We are confident that Fullscreen Direct is the solution that we have been waiting for and will allow us untethered growth and success for our website and fan club.”

— Cameo Carlson, Digital Business Development, Borman Entertainment

“Easy to use and invaluable as a management tool, Fullscreen Direct gives Kid Rock’s fans the opportunity to engage more than ever before.”

— Sarah Moore, Digital Manager for Kid Rock